I came to life with the sound of your voice
You were caressing me as your babe,
When you touched me with your eyes,
My heart throbbed, mother. . .

Childhood and adolescence passed by so quickly,
What wonderful times we had together. .
And what is left from those pleasant days,
is a pallid picture of you mother. . .

When you laughed roses would blossom in your face,.
My despair would dissolve with your lovingly voice,
With your increasingly sweet and smiling countenance,
You gave me the will to live, mother. . .

I used to have a fantasy,
My heart would throb with your love.
Even if now your heart has ceased. . .
But mine still throbs for you, mother. . .

My life will quicken again with you,
Listen to this heart which beats for you,
If you say you are alone over there,
Please take me by your side. . .

What? Are tears gathering in the corners of your eyes?
Wipe your tears, donít weep anymore. . .
I am weeping in your place,
Since the day my solitude began, mother. . .

With the wind blowing from the horizon,
Sing lullabies to me like you used to.
You know, the day you left, with your despair and joy,
I buried you in my soul, mother. . .

(Motherís Day Certificate of Merit, 1976)