Saying الله أكبر (Allah- u Ekber - God is Great) does not mean you are realizing  God's greatness.


Today, there are people uttering the words  الله أكبر  (Allah-u ekber) as they behead and amputate the limbs of others. Thus, they commit such atrocities performed only  by primitive tribes.


 Allah disdains not to use the similitude of things, even of a gnat ** as well as anything above it. 



Why a mosquito? …Because it is one of the smallest and  most frail creatures in nature  and its  legs are barely visible to the  naked eye.. I am, now, going to tell about the mosquito and despite its trivial size you will realize its state of the art design. 


The mosquito is the common name of the bloodsucking   Culicidae family belonging to the double winged (Diptera) group. The Anophlese is also a mosquito belonging to the same group having nearly 400 species. Although they are all bloodsuckers, it is only the Anophlese that transmit malaria.


When a mosquito lands on your skin and penetrates, you do not feel any pain. Because the syringe of a mosquito is so miniscule that it punctures an opening the size of a pore. Naturally, when the   blood withdrawn from our body contacts the air, the thrombokinase enzyme causes it to clot, which makes it impossible for a mosquito to suck blood out of any such opening.  For this reason, the mosquito injects an enzyme called heparin to dilute the blood.  The itching felt after having been bitten by a mosquito, is caused by the heparin enzyme.


The exquisite state of art design of this barely visible creature, makes us better understand Allah's wisdom. It is then that you can say  الله أكبر    ( Allah-u Ekber -God is Great)  And even as you manually  exterminate this bloodsucking  creature which has bitten you,  you will think twice.   Naturally, we have to destroy a creature that is harmful to us. But we human beings, let alone a mosquito, even kill other humans uttering  الله أكبر      ( Allah-u Ekber - God is Great) and without giving it a second thought. Because just saying     الله أكبر       (Allah- u Ekber- God is Great) does not mean we realize God's greatness.                            


Now, we may ask: Why has God created such a small but harmful creature?

Because the mosquito is the main source of nutrition for frogs and lizards.  And frogs and lizards are the source of nutrition for stork like animals. This nutrition chain follows in an ascending sequence and at the highest loop are us human beings.


If you do not have the power to create. . .

 You cannot have the power to destroy.…


Not equal are the blind and those who (clearly see: Nor are (equal )those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and those who do evil. Little do you learn by admonition.                 





(Akýn Örsmen 07.25.2016)



* and * The Qur'anic surrahs have  been taken from A. Yusuf Ali’s  “ The Holy Qur’an,  Text Translation and Commentary published inn 1975 by the Islamic Foundation in 1975, in the United Kingdom.


**In some translationd of Surrah II verse 26 of The Heifer (Cow) of the Holy Quran; the similitude is based on the mosquito and in some the gnat. In some the bug or insect is not even mentioned. Instead it says that God makes similitudes between the smallest of creatures.
In the Turkish translation of the Holy Quran the similitude is based on the mosquito as is also this communique.