Life consists of four seasons. Given that life expediency is on average eighty years, the first quarter is spring, the second  summer, the third  fall and the last one  winter.


A new born baby is as fresh as blossoming branches in the spring. He has hope for the future. He is so happy that he feels like singing as if he were a bird.  He transmits happiness around him. When he cries it is short like April showers. And then with his smiles he lightens and warms up  his surroundings like sunshine. There is almost always someone around him to meet his wishes without reciprocation. Those who really love him never  leave him.


A person in the summer is fiery and daring. Without thinking of tomorrow he lives day to day  to the fullest. With the energy of his youth he works and acquires  knowing no fatigue.  There are people around him for their interests either because of his youth and handsomeness or because of his wealth and position. Those who love him and those who appear to, surround him.


Then one day the hair on his head starts to fall like the leaves of a tree. It is now fall. His skin begins to turn yellow and fade, his complexion starts to wrinkle and crack like dry earth. Like the falling leaves, those whom he thought were friends one by one forsake him. He is now like a bare tree. As if having seen the oncoming sad days, he begins to  shed tears. The tears fall silently and last long like the summer rains. Even if the sun appears and shines it does not warm up the surroundings. It is dismal and sad.


And the season is now winter. His hair is now as white as the snow. He no longer perspires as in the summer. To the contrary he is always cold. Because just like himself there are no other seasons. This is his last season. He knows there are no more seasons for him. This is his last season.


What season are you in now?


No matter what season you are in, do not ever forget that fall and winter are waiting for you.


Then how shall ye, if ye deny (God), guard yourselves against a Day that will make children hoary-headed? VERSE 17, FOLDED IN GARMENTS (MUZAMMIL) SURA 73



(AKIN ÖRSMEN 8.11.2009)



(*)*The Quranic verses are taken from A. Yusuf Ali’s  translation, The Holy Qur’an published by the Islamic Foundations,1975.”