Ibrahim had awoken early that morning. He  fetched the box from under his bed in which  he and his mother had wrapped up the tie they had bought.  Then he went to the kitchen to his mother who was preparing breakfast. They were going to surprise his father. As he entered the kitchen his mother was preparing the tea. She smiled when she saw Ibrahim and both of them went to wake up his father to  make a nice surprise.


Ibrahim gave his father a kiss on the cheek and said: “Good morning Dad. Happy Father’s Day.” The father opened his eyes and saw his son smiling with a little wrapped up box. “I could not have been awoken in a more pleasant way,” he said and compassionately embraced his son.


He then showed another package unskillfully  wrapped in a newspaper and said: “This package is for Father God.” "But," he added, “ I don’t know His address.” “How am I going to send it to Him?” The father was flabbergasted.  He was almost shocked. He was lost for words. He was moved by  a five year old child’s having  remembered, on Father's Day, the One who had created him. With trembling fingers he took the package out of his son’s hands and opened it. In the package was a picture unskillfully drawn of a heart and under it was written: I love you Father God.


Suddenly he was filled with shame. Then, smilingly, he strolled through  his son's blond hair and said: "Look Ibrahim." Father God has no particular address.” “Because he is everywhere.” You cannot give him a present. “Because he has need of nothing.” But if you still want to give him a present, open your arms and thank Him for all the presents he has given you up to  today. I am sure he will hear your prayer.


Upon this, Ibrahim stretched out his little hands and thanked God: “Father God, thank you for giving me my mother, father and red bicycle.”


The father tried to hide his tears as he  went to the bathroom to do his ablutions. For a little child to have remembered Father God and his not, was really shameful for him.




(AKIN ÖRSMEN 6.21.2009