The particularity of the human mind is to learn and progress. A comparison between early man and  its present modern counterpart with state of the art technology, explicitly evidences this progress.  Yet, as in old ages, even in the twenty first  century there are still undeveloped minds which remain In the archaic era of ignorance The Prophet (Muhammad) struggled vehemently against undeveloped, idol worshipers who would buried alive young girls.


For centuries, convention has barred people in society from progressing and has deprived them from  progressing.  

So much so that convention was imported into religion and people believed that convention was a part of religion.


When it is said to them: “Follow  what God has revealed,” they reply  “No. . . We shall  follow only what our fathers had practiced.” Even though their fathers had no wisdom or guidance!  VERSE 170, THE HEIFER (BAQARA) SURA 2


Lighting candles and tying rags at entombed saints, both irrelevant to Islam,  have entered Islam through Shamanism,


Whereas, the first command in the Holy Quran is “Recite,” and is the first stipulation for progress. People who do not  educate their daughters under the pretense of sin are those who have, dogmatically; learned religion  through second hand  passed on  instruction and thus, have easily been deceived by so called religion itself. If you do not know what is in the book, you will be compelled to accept as true the words of  certain cunning people .


Among them are heathen who know nothing of the Book but only what they wish to believe and are only lost in fantasies.



This is very advantageous for cunning people who can easily deceive and reap advantages through you.


In the Medieval Ages Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Papacy for having translated the Bible from Latin to German. Because people were able to read the Bible and learn that the remission  of sins was only possible by God and not by indulgences sold by the Papacy.


Likewise, people supporting the necessity that the Holy Quran must be read in Arabic, is nothing else but to monopolize religion and ensure that people  believe only whatever they say.


The cultural element of custom which we have encountered throughout the centuries,  has extended to the present day. Feuds, blood money, and other such practices are the products of intellects stuck at the level of convention.  And , for which many a person have, pitifully, lost their lives .


Whereas, progress is a very important component in religion and social life. Yunus Emre, in the following lines, very , adeptly, expresses the transformation from convention to progress?


 Yunus, we were wretched and unripe, but praise God we are now done.


At birth, the human brain is crude. Man learns as he reads, and as he learns he progresses.


Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, although he was the sultan always kept at his side,his educator, a progressive man of knowledge, Aksemseddin, whose counsel he would ask in almost every matter.,


If you are viewing life from a narrow window, you are not thinking not deeply but to the contrary shallowly and your brain will not progress.   You will always believe instruction word of mouth and will constantly repeat them thinking they are right. Whereas, brains that examine casue – effect relationship do not ,dogmatically, believe. Equally important to believe is to know what is being believed.


Abraham's transformation from convention to progress is explained in the Quaran as follows:


When the night came with her covering of darkness he saw a star and

 ( Azar, his father) said "This is my Lord." But when the star set, ( Abraham) said: “ I love not those that wane.” When (Azar) saw the moon rise all aglow, he said: This is my Lord.” But even as the moon set, (Abraham) said: “If my Lord had not shown me the way, I would surely have gone astray.” When (Azar) saw the sun rise all resplendent, he said: “My Lord is surely this, and the greatest of them all.” But the sun also set, and (Abraham) said: "O my people, I am through with those you associated (with God).  “I have truly turned my face towards Him who created the heavens and the earth.” “I have chosen one way and am not an idolater.” VERSE 76, THE CATTLE (AN’AM) SURA  6


Brains stuck at the phase of convention believe that their belief is correct and wish that others believe like themselves. If they cannot persuade the brains that do not share their beliefs, they believe that the best action is to behead them. These were what the  beliefs were like  that overpowered Galileo for having said the world is round.


Following the conquest of Constantinople, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueor gave freedom of religion to those who did not believe like him. The Prophet Mohammed pardoned the idolaters who wanted to kill him when he entered Mecca. Thus, a progressive person approaches with understanding others in the process of convention.


May God be your beloved and your companion.


(AKIN ÖRSMEN 6.9.2009



(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994