God’s greatest blessing to us after our intellect is being able to see.


Say: “It is He that has made you. and gave you  ears and eyes and hearts. How little are the thanks you offer!" Verse 23, THE KINGDOM (AL – MULK )) Sura 67


Do you know how  we are able to see? Before all, in order for to be able to see an object there must be light.  And then the object must reflect the light.


God Almighty, first created the angels with Divine radiance. What we call  Divine radiance  is pure light. What we know as light is made of photon cells which move speedily in space. These cells hit the object they approach and are reflected, forming a projection, in our eye. And by means of the sight  nerve, the brain ensures the image of that objet. The terms “Light years” used to measure distances in space, originates from the speed of the proton cells in space. Whereas, what we call  Divine light does not consist of photon cells. It is of a

formation whose essence we cannot understand and it moves much more speedily in space. In order for the human eye to see  an object, the object must be able to reflect light.


Sun light, as we know, is composed of seven different colors. Since objects reflect some of the seven colors of light and some of them they do not, we see objects in color. For instance, we see watermelon in green since watermelons reflect the green and swallow the other colors. Whereas pure, light swallows light  made of photon cells as if it were a black hole. For this reason, the human eye,  with its limited  structure of visibility, cannot see pure light.  At the present, the Japanese have developed nanotechnology and achieved molecular structure that swallows light.


Then, God Almighty created creatures without a body but possessing  free will, i.e. the spirits  The spirits live like people i.e. they are born and  they give birth but since they do not have a body they do not need nutrients. God Almighty has created them from smokeless fire. That is, they resemble lasers or cosmic light. And since they are fire they are combustible. The race of those first created were called "semum."


As we fashioned jinns before from intense radiated heat. VERSE 27. HICR SURA 15.


And the first one created was Azazel. In old Latin resources this is referred to as Lucifer. Actually, he has other names as well.  He was the head of the others and it is this jinn who rejected to prostate to humans.  In the beginning they were living together in the heavens with other angels.


And then God created man with a bodily structure.


Matter exists in nature in three states: solids, liquids and gases. One can see water in a glass. But when the water is heated an evaporates it becomes invisible. If a lid is put on the glass which has been heated ,  the steam will become water and visible again.  This is a simple example of what we cannot perceive in this material medium.


There are things that exist although we cannot see them. Although we cannot see our brain, the marvelous things that it creates evidences its existence.  Likewise, although we cannot see the bio-energy we call spirits, at the occurrence of death  a being who was a little while ago talking and ;moving transforms into a motionless body, is evidence that  a component i.e. a spirit had been providing life to that body.


The evaporation of water, the conversion of solids to gas and steam,  the decomposition of the atom into energy waves and  into quantum, the appearance of stars as black holes and the like; there is a movement, activity or flow from the visible to invisible world. When we think of the reverse of this spiritual performance, it is possible to observe a flow from the invisible to the visible and from the unknown to the materially perceptible.


Thus, invisible beings such as angels, jinns, and spirits although with their original composures are not visible in this world, can use worldly devices and become visible by wearing cover and clothes. The manifestation, in this way, of angels and jinns  is called appearance.


In the Holy Quran appearance  is explained as follows:  We sent a spirit of Ours to her who appeared before her in the concrete form of a man.


Commemorate Mary; in the Book: When she withdrew from her family to a place in the  East. And took cover from them WE sent a spirit of Ours to her who appeared before her in the concrete from of a man. VERSES 126 -17, MARY, SURA 16 -17


Appearance can happen in two ways: The first one happens when one is awake. This is called vigilant appearance. This is the essential appearance. Because, in this occurrence, the invisible becomes materially visible, it is the perception of our brain by means of our eyes.


Then there is the appearance in sleep. In this occurrence, we do not perceive through our eyes, but through our brain. Incidents which preoccupy our brain under normal conditions appear  as a dream in our sleep.. Whereas appearance in  sleep is not a dream. We perceive  very  different electric waves from paradise.  We call this “asking divine guidance through a dream.” By asking divine guidance through a dream, It is possible to dream of Prophet Muhammad or other appearances of the other world. This is called reflection between dimensions


When We said to you: “ Verily your Lord circumscribes  mankind,” and showed you the vision and the accursed  tree of the Quran  VERSE 60, THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL (BANI ISRA-IL) SURA 17


If you think you can see everything with your eyes, you are mistaken. Because the human eye is restricted with a certain visibility dimension. For instance you cannot see the infrared or ultraviolet with your bare eyes. These are only visible through special devices.


Have they not traveled in the land that they could have the heart to understand, and ears to hears? It is not the eyes alone that  do not see, oblivious are the hearts within their breasts. VERSE65, THE PILGRIMAGE (AL-HAJJ), SURA22


May God render us all as those that see through the eyes of love.


(AKIN ÖRSMEN 6.3.2009 )



(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994