A voice was calling me from deep inside. I got up from where I lay  and went toward the direction from  where the sound had come. It was as if I was acting with my reflexes and not my brain. It was scarlet dark. As if  daybreak. I continued to walk.


I was surrounded by many people  walking toward the same direction. It was as if this walk would never end. I cannot  remember how long I walked. When we reached the top of the inclination, l I saw an indescribable crowd below. There was a high mountain in front of me and the crowd had gathered around the mountain below. And the crowd extended as far as the eye could  see. I started to walk together with the people around me toward the leveled area where the crowd was.  


One of  the people around me said: That is Jerusalem.(The Sacred House) . i.e. the gathering place. Then I understood that this gathering was the gathering of the Last Judgment.  That meant that I had died. But I  could not remember when and how I had died.


The inside of my head was like a free disk. With the hope that I might see someone I knew I looked around me  but with no avail. Everyone was  obsessed with his own issue and not in a position to be aware of anyone else. At that moment I lifted my head and looked up. There was a scarlet sky and large birds were circling in flocks. When carefully observed I understood that they were not birds. They had wide wings and their  faces resembled human faces. As  they flapped their wings they emitted light. Later I learned that they were the assigned angels to organize the meeting place. Despite such a big crowd there was no congestion. It was as if everyone knew his location and turn and with such orderliness.  I looked at the people’s faces. On everyone’s face there was an expression of inexplicable fear.


I heard drums b eating. The beats increased. Then I observed that the sounds of the drums were coming from within myself. This was my heartbeat  throbbing with fear. I was perplexed. It was as if my heart were beating in my ears. What was strange was despite this crowd there were no mumbling coming from the people. As if everyone were mute,   no one was talking. They were quietly waiting with  anxiety. . .I could not talk either. It was as if my tongue was paralyzed. I was just observing and trying to understand what was happening.


A very large  angel descended in the middle of the mountain.  A voice was heard from no where.: Gabriel, Gabriel. Then I understood that this angel was Gabriel. Gabriel made a short opening statement. He explained to the extensive crowd why people were created. He was talking in a language I never had heard. But I could understand every word of it.


I looked around at the people around me. Some faces were full of fear and were sulking. It was as if what they had feared had come about. For them this gathering was like a funeral. Some faces were smiling. They were as happy as they could be as if the day they had been waiting for had arrived. For them this gathering was like a wedding.


The drum sounds in my ears disappeared. Then the bells started to ring deep within. They rang persistently. I slowly opened my eyes and picked up my cellular near the bedstead. The alarm was ringing. And a message on the LCD was constantly blinking. “You have a Board Meeting  at the company, do not forget it” said the appointment reminder!.


I still had not come to myself. Faltering I got out of bed and went to the lavatory to wash my face. Yes , there was an important meeting today. I should not be late.


A day will come and people with gather in a very extensive area. That day some faces will be sulking and some will be smiling. For some that day will be a wedding, for some a funeral. That day will be the day of faith.


How many faces will be refulgent on that Day, waiting for their Lord. And how many faces on that Day will be woe-begone

Fearing that a great disaster is going to befall them. Verse 22-25)THE RESURRECTION (EL  QIYAMAH) SURA 75




(AKIN ÖRSMEN 12.16.2005)




(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994