He had hardly finished his noon prayers and with spread out arms finishing  the ritual  he said:“Thank you O my God for what   You have and have not given me.”  This  prayer must have drawn the attention of the man next to him because to turned around and asked: “Why are you giving thanks  for what was not  given?”  He brushed his hands along his face as the last gesture of ending his prayer and responded to the man:  “ I am thanking him for not having given me illness, accidents, calamity and injury.” I am thanking him for  have not given me excessive  money. Because maybe that excess  might have caused me  to deviate, is that not so"? Then with astonished the perplexed and astonished  looks of this man he got up and slowly headed toward the exit of the mosque.


Benefaction and evil come from God. God gives benefaction and evil to whom he wishes. For both we should praise  God. For the evil God has given us we do not thank but instead praise Him. That is the difference between thanks and praise.


Actually, there are many reasons for us to thank God.


If you count the favors  of God you will not be able to calculate. Assuredly God is forgiving and kind. VERSE 18, THE BEEs (NAHL) SURA 16


Only those who have asthma can acknowledge what a blessing it is  to be able to healthily breathe. The significance of systolic and diastolic rhythm is best acknowledged by those with heart disease. If we can breathe healthily this is because our Lord has not given us illness. This is what it means to thank God for what he has not given us.


There are at least two important points in faith: First, to be sincere and willng. That is,   the heart and  tongue should conform to one another in what they say and we should  willingly direct ourselves to God.


Then he turned to the heavens and it was smoke. So He said to it and the earth: “ Come with willing obedience or perforce.” They said:   We came willingly Verse  11, ASSAJDAH, ADORATION, AS SAJDAH, SURE 41.

The second  significant point is to unconditionally believe. When you believe in God you can not  believe on condition. For instance, you have not been mandated to  say: I will worship You if you make me prosperous.” He may or may not give. Besides, if you can breathe healthily and you have good mental health, that alone suffices for you to thank Him


One day I saw a man at the mosque who did not have his legs from the knee down. He came walking with his arms and prayed beside me. I looked at him and then at myself.  . .that man, though having  not been  given by God, had come to thank the Creator. At that moment I felt ashamed of myself.


Do not thank Him for only those that he has, but also for  those he has not given.  Because He can take away from you tomorrow, if He wishes, what you have today.


As humans, we, generally, thank those who have given us something. But we just don’t think of thanking the One who has made them give. Thank those who have given you something. But do not neglect Him who has made them give. Do not forget:  Those who help humans are actually not humans Humans are only a device.




(AKIN ÖRSMEN 5.4.2009



(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994