The other day I was driving on the interstate (motorway). A Mercedes was travelling right in front of me. Suddenly,  an empty soda  can was thrown out of the driverís window which  almost scrapped my car. I was flabbergasted. Then I began to think. Sometimes even a simple  product of civilization such as a soda can, can be a manifestation of non-civilization.


Today we have cell phones, plasma  t. v., the state of the art automobiles. We access the Internet. However, we live a virtual, artificial life as if  cyber world.  We exchange fake and selfish smiles. We view life from Windows XP. We visit people through MSN messenger, not face to face. Everyone is busy hustling to earn a living, we have not time  for one another. When we make  a living we forget what  life is all about.


Jesus said to love your enemies. We don't even have time to love our friends. We are indulged in earning money to such an extent, that winning a heart no longer has significance.


The mature and virtuous people who lived throughout history, do not seem to exist anymore. We deeply miss Abraham, Jesus and  Mohammad. Are we fortunate that we access such devices of civilization or are the people who lived during the time of these charismatic people fortunate?


If we travel back through time and forsake all the technology we benefit from, think of the era and the  people with whom you would liked to have lived with. 


Who would not have liked to live during the era of those great people?  Would you not have liked to talk to Abraham? Would you not have liked to eat with Jesus?  Would you not have liked to pray with Mohammad? Unfortunately, nowadays, we no longer have such sincere people. They have been replaced by fake and selfish people.


During their era, they did not have the modern technology, they did not benefit from the facilities of modern civilization. But they had much more. They were not after their interests. They were respectful to one another.


Respect and love, are like words used in elementary school. We say we are civilized, then we slug it out in Congress and shoot each other. We say we are civilized and then we go to ball games with daggers. We say we are civilized and then frame and demean each other in every possible way.


We love less, we hate more. There are  a lot of things we can learn from  a female dog nursing an orphan cat.


An surely in cattle there is a lesson for you. VERSE 66, THE BEEs (NAHL) SURA 16


Now, just think in which era you would like to have lived?

In the era of technology and civilization? Or in the era deprived of all these facilities but  with all those charismatic people?





(AKIN ÷RSMEN 4.24.09)




(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Aliís translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994