In this world from time to time there are things that we take pleasure in and  make us happy. Generally, we can gather them in two groups:


Firstly, we can cite corporal pleasures. In this temporal world if we think of the corporal pleasures related to our hormones, we see that they are short lived.


For instance, a tasty dish of food produces a different flavor in our mouth and through our hormones arouses pleasure in our brain. This pleasure, which we call palate pleasure, lasts as long as we eat, but ends shortly.  Under normal circumstances we experience this pleasure several times a day.


Some people take pleasure in drinking. This gives them pleasure by triggering the serotonin hormone. They are elated by becoming intoxicated. But once it is morning, they realize that this pleasure is all over.


Sexual intercourse is a pleasure we can include in corporal pleasures. Actually, what gives us pleasure is not the touching of two bodies to one  another. Instead, this is a pleasure which is aroused by a natural sedative called endorphin  secreted in the brain, which can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Some people take certain chemicals to lengthen the duration of this pleasure. Some people go further and take opium or morphine to extend its duration. But no matter how long it lasts, ultimately this pleasure ends a while later.


Some people are addicted to adrenaline. They take pleasure in encountering danger and death. These people, by doing such sports as cliff parachuting or automotive racing, are aroused by the glands above the kidneys.


All of the above are corporal pleasures. Then, there are pleasures of the spirit which last longer than the corporal ones.


For instance, from the moment an embryo is produced in the uterus, there is the pleasure a mother enjoys which, despite there being a corporal tie between the mother and the embryo, is not a corporal pleasure. The mother, although not even have seen its face feels an inexplicable love for  her baby, which gives her spiritual pleasure. She never complains about how the baby kicks her stomach. To the contrary, as the baby moves within her she becomes more elated. So much so that if the baby does not move for a while she becomes worried about its well being but with another pain inflicting  kick to her stomach, is relieved  of her anxiety.  This is a love that God Almighty has endowed to mothers and is thus a spiritual pleasure. Only a woman having this experience would know what it is.


There are people who take pleasure in having position and title with applauding caterers around them.


Some people are elated by having their beauty appreciated by others. They endure various kinds of pains and spend  extravagantly just  to become beautiful.


And some people take pleasure in becoming rich. The more wealthy they are, the happier they will become, they think. Because, for them money means power and they like to become powerful.


Whereas, some people become elated with much more simple things. For instance, not having found love in humans can lead some people to find it  in a dogís appreciative look at his master. This is what  pleasures them.


Beyond those referred to up to here, there is another pleasure which only those who have experienced would know. This is the pleasure of  praying  to God,  our Creator, with arms wide open and yearning for him with tears, in the quiet and crepuscular atmosphere of the wee morning hours.   This is the climax of human spiritual pleasure. People who have enjoyed this pleasure are attracted as if by a magnet and hardly wish to get up from their prayer rugs.


Those who  believe and find peace in their hearts from the contemplation of God: Surely there is Peace of heart in the contemplation of God! VERSE 28, THUNDER (ARRAD) SURAH 13


Tears we  shed there, are the expression of how we yearn for God and how we appreciate Him. This is what gives them infinite pleasure.  

Crying is a pleasure, too.. Therefore, cry plentifully. Mevlana; Mesnevi, Vol 5, Pages 134-143

The greatest, most treasured and  extended  pleasure the human spirit can enjoy in this world, is the climax of this spiritual pleasure.


May you all be of those to whom such pleasure is endowed.





(AKIN ÷RSMEN 4.16.2009




(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Aliís translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994