O God Allmighty


Valentineís day is being celebrated all over the world today.


Whereas they are not aware that they are all reflections of You.


You say:


If you want to know the love I have for you,

Try to catch the raindrops falling onto the ground,

The ones you catch is your love,

And the ones you canít is the love I have for you.Ē


You say well. . .


Because we are so indulged in hatred

That we have no time to love. . .


We are not aware that:

We lack nothing save

Your love. .


I love you.

I love all that you have created because of You.

My yearning for you has even made me love death.


A minute in your presence where I can thank you

Is worth more than a lifetime  on Earth.


Make us love those that You love, and to renounce those that You loathe.


Signed by


A believer.




Iím a heart that beats for You. . .
What use is a heart that does not beat  for You?
I am a brain thinking of You. . .
What use is a brain that does not think of You?
I am a pair of hands reaching  out to you. . .
What use are hands not reaching out to You?
I am a pair of eyes shedding tears for You. . .
What use is a pair of eyes that do not shed tears for You?
I exist . . Only if I think of You. . .
What to do with this life if I donít?


(AKIN ÷RSMEN 28.8.2006)

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