They had been married for eleven years.  They had no children. They were burning with desire to have a child. The woman would pray each night so that God would give  her a child. A few months later when woman when to the doctor for a check she was told that the pregnancy result was positive.  The woman could not believe her ears. She cried out of happiness as she left the doctor's office. When she told her spouse the good news he could not keep back his tears either. They hugged each other and cried.


Life was so beautiful. It was two weeks later. It was time for a checkup with the doctor. When the doctor said you are going to have “babies” the woman responded : “Babies”? She managed to utter “Twins”? The doctor smilingly nodded his head to confirm. She was in a state of bliss. She gave praise to God that night shedding tears. She had wanted one baby, he had given her two.


It was three months later. When she went to the doctor, the doctor wanted a three person scan. Because he did not see the a healthy development in of the babies.


When they got the results two days later the woman was shocked. One of the babies had an issue in the development of its feet. It was going to be handicapped. The woman was downbeat.


When she told her spouse about the problem that evening, it was a shock for him too. The relayed exactly what the doctor had told her. The doctor had recommended an abortion for the handicapped baby. Otherwise, the baby would be born handicapped and it would have to live with this handicap The woman was desperately thinking of terminating the life of this child.


Late in the night she prayed to God: O my Lord I wanted one child, you gave me two. Now I am face to face with the decision of whether to sacrifice one of them .. . .how can I terminate the life that you gave? I cannot  take such a decision. Even if he is handicapped I am going to bear him. Please do  not ask me to decide on such a hard question.


That night the woman had birth pains. She was taken to the hospital for hemorrhage.  She had had a miscarriage. She had lost the handicapped child. The other one was as healthy as could be.


When the woman learned the news in her hospital room, she, in tears prayed:


I praise you God for not letting me take such a hard decision.


Sometimes, in life we have to take hard decisions.

God know us better than we do. Our tastes, desires and needs.

Letting Him decide, is the best decision to take.


He alone has knowledge of the Hour (of change) No female conceives or gives birth.  VERSE 47, FUSSILAT (FUSSILAT) SURA 41




(AKIN ÖRSMEN 12.25.2008)



(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeton University Press, fifth printing 1994