The overweight man, breaking out a cold sweat, barely managed to drag his baggage. He was approaching the airline counters. He wanted to check in for his  flight 033  to New York. But when he arrived there a bad surprise was awaiting him. Flight 033 had already taken off five minutes ago.


When he learned this he almost fell to pieces. “ I cannot believe this,” he said to himself. He had a business appointment in New York and he would  miss the appointment. His aggravation had caused him to blush as red as a radish. “Damned” he said. I am missing a fifty six thousand dollar business meeting. How could I be so unfortunate?  The congested traffic. . . that was the culprit. . .


In despair and disappointment he walked toward the waiting salons within the terminal. He tried to think of what  to do as he waited there. Then with his cellular phone he called the company with whom he had the business appointment and told them he had missed the plane but that he would take the next plane. But when the purchasing representative said they could tolerate no delay and they would have to give the business  to the other competing firm, this was another blow. I am losing  fifty six thousand dollars of business.  Whereas this was going to be the business deal of his life.


He entered the restaurant area complaining to himself. He was hungry. His aggravation had starved him. As he ate his food, in dismay, he thought of the business he had lost.  Then for a moment he looked at the T.V. screen on the wall. The  Twin Towers were being shown in disarray and turmoil. And then that big explosion. .  He could not swallow his bite.


Flight 033 to New York had crashed into the Twin Towers and  that devastating view was being displayed on the T.V. He was shocked.  For a moment he thought of the fifty six thousand dollars he had lost  but then his life was worth more that fifty six thousand dollars. With a twisted happiness he gave praise to God.


In our daily lives we come across with certain adversities. And in a flash our whole world sinks. . . We become so downbeat. Whatever we have encountered, we consider as the worst ailment anyone has ever had. Whereas, what we see as an ailment, perhaps is a blessing for us. We cannot know. . .


. . .You may dislike a thing yet it may be good for you,  or a thing may haply please you but may be bad for you..  Only  God has knowledge, and you do not know..







(AKIN ÖRSMEN 12.25.2008




(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeton University Press, fifth printing 1994