The buses were quite crowded that day as it was the beginning of the week. This is why the old man had got in a common van. The common van was the regular type found in Istanbul, as was the driver. The driver’s seat was ornamented like the premises of a sultan and the deafening cassette of "Orhan Abi (t/n: a popular arabesque singer in Turkey.) was playing. The moment the old man got in the van he became  annoyed, but the buses were overcrowded. Besides, he was already  in the common van.


There was a script on the back of the van which read: Turkish Airlines is our competitor.  The driver drove as if to contest it.   As he swerved past a taxi he almost collided with a Mercedes head on. Although he was to blame, he almost half extracted himself from his car's window and did not neglect to relay his compliments  the Mercedes's driver! Without even edging the curb he  stopped, took up or discharged passengers. In the meantime he did not neglect to say: "Please pay your fares in small pieces. ."


The old man who could no longer stand the driver's turning his head and calling out to them said: “Could you please drive a little slower"? The driver became a little irritated, yet  with a confident voice and a smurk on his face he responded: “Nothing will happen to us.” Then with a head gesture to the Holy Kuran suspending from the front mirror and placed in a holder he added: "God will protect us." All right, said the old man, “Do you know what is written  in that book?" The driver again with a grin on his face responded: “ What need is there to know. Did I not tell you that God would protect us. . .” Then with the same confident expression on his face he stepped on the accelerator.


In big print and above the wind shield was the inscription: MAY GOD FORBID. The man did not reply but just sufficed to shake  his head.  He had already arrived to his destination. He got out at the stop, quietly descended and slowly walked away.


The next morning when the old man got up it was raining. After breakfast he wanted to take a glance at the morning’s newspapers. When he opened the paper,  after the daily price increases, the following news drew his attention:


" A van flew off the viaduc on the motorway. Weather conditions and the slippery surface caused the accident."


He  looked at the picture next to the insertion and  immediately recognized the van driver. .   The   picture did not have a smurk on it.  . . 


He leaned back and deeply sighed: “Was is actually  bad weather conditions which had led to the accident?” he thought to himself.


No doubt God will protect you. If you act intelligibly.


Are you going to compel the people to believe except by God’s dispensation? He puts doubt in (the minds of ) those who do not think. VERSE 100, JONAS (YUNUS) SURA 10


If you carry your hypertension medicine on you but do not take it as prescribed, you cannot prevent your ailment.


If you do not know the content of the book you carry, then it is only a book. It is no more than any book in your library left without being read.


We have divided the Qur’an into parts  that you may recite it to men slowly, with deliberation. That is why we sent it down by degrees.





(AKIN ÖRSMEN 12.24.2008)



(*)The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994