When we are children we all want to become our ideal profession ─ for some of us it is a doctor, for others a fireman, soldier and the like Whereas, it does not suffice to just want to become something.  To achieve it, we must struggle. To become a doctor we have to invest years of education in the field of medicine. Without any effort we cannot become something by just wishing it. The reason for this is for us to appreciate the value of our achievement. Because  things acquired with no effort are those whose value we never appreciate.


Sometimes we wish something vehemently in our lifetime.  We wish to win the jackpot in the lottery or, for the girl we like, to accept our proposal, or if we are married to become parents.  Unfortunately, we dont get everything we wish in life. Besides, what is important is not the materialization of our every wish, but to acquire what we need. If we are the owner of a holding company but cannot healthily respire, then what use is it to own it?


When He wishes something all He has to say is: Be  and it is.



Whereas, for something to materialize, all God Almighty has to do is say Be. And he knows  the consequences thereof, too.


Remember when your Lord said to the angels: I have to place a trustee on the earth," they  said:  Will You place one there who would create disorder and shed blood,  while we intone Your litanies and sanctify Your name? And God said:  I know what you do not know.  VERSE 30, THE HEIFER (BAQARA) SURA 2


If He had not said Be, we humans would not have existed and we would  not have enjoyed the pleasures of this world. He said Be, and we acknowledged our existence. Unfortunately, some people who acknowledge their existence do not acknowledge that of God. Whereas it is important to also acknowledge the existence of God in addition to our own.


But we like the things we like to materialize. Whereas the things we think will make us happy  may be to the disadvantage of others or even ourselves. We cannot think of this.


. . .You may dislike a thing yet it may be good for you,  or a thing may haply please you but may be bad for you..  Only  God has knowledge, and you do not know..



If we had access to a wand and we could make our wishes come true, what would we want?  When asked this question everybody responds: I would like  peace and fraternity on earth. Whereas, in the minds of most of us,  we wish to become wealthy, famous and happy. Because, the more wealthy we are, we think, the happier we will become. . This is just a lie we have convinced ourselves to believe.


As a youngster we wish to become a doctor when we grow up. We wish to grow up, marry and become happy. And, then, to become a parent. And then a grandparent. Actually, these wishes are just dreams.


Whereas, Gods wishes are not dreams. His wishes always materialize. Because nothing is impossible for God. And only He can say Be.


La Havle Ve La kuvvet Illa Billah ( There is no other power, nor strength other than God)



Now just lean back and think: What would you do if you could say: Be.





(AKIN ORSMEN 7.12.2008)




*The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Alis translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994