I do not know whether you watch the news on T.V. It is not possible to not be depressed if you do. There is not a single piece of optimistic news. The news is either about a war, homicide or rape. In a world where economic difficulties have already taken their toll, such news makes people unhappy and desperate. We no longer want to hear any more bad news. We want to hear positive and encouraging news. Whereas the news we hear is irritating and disheartening. Everyone is saturated with grudge  and hate. No one no longer  any tolerance for anyone. Quo vadis, world?


Sometimes when traffic is congested, the grudge and hate in people’s facial expressions is so obvious. The fanatic fans who go to the ball games have the  same aggravated expression.  Some people are fed up with the uneasiness at the workplace, and some with the nagging of their spouses. People cannot  find the peace they seek even when they come home and shut  the door. Most often economic strife leads to uneasiness  in the family and the destruction of marriages initiated with fantasies of bliss.  Some people distressed by the struggle commit suicide.


Naturally, we want to escape from this chaotic atmosphere. If there were another planet to live on, we sometimes feel like saying to ourselves "Why not go and live there"? Sometimes we tell our selves, “Why not go to a secluded island and live there by ourselves far away from all evil.” But, if it were only possible. . .


A person tries to be happy with trivial things. We try to find the love of a human throuu the love of a pet. Sometimes a few crumbs given to the birds, transforms into the quest of the accomplishment of peace and happiness by doing a good deed to a living creature. For those who do not find peace  in the society they live in and who have encountered unfairness, the sarcastic and insinuating remarks of the people around them can necessitate  an escape from all this evil. It is then that a person migrates to a world where he or she fancies good and pure people live. Contrary to disappointing and distressful  realities, fantasies  are so heartening and encouraging. Because our dreams are the fragrance of the world we desire,  seek, and yearn for. In our dream world we migrate to this happiness.


Although, migration literally means to relocate from one place to another, real migration should be understood as to distance ourselves  from the things God dislikes and relocate. The Prophet Muhammed migrated from  the people who thought and did  the things God does not do. His migration was nothing other than distancing himself from people who were accustomed to committing evil.  Our wishing to distance ourselves from this world, is quite characteristic of the Prophet’s migration. Because the evil we witness, even though not harmful to our physical health, is destructive to our psychological wellbeing.


Migration is not just relocation. It is distancing oneself from evil deeds. This evil manifests today in an attempt to destroy peoples psychological health. And sometimes in order to not become polluted  in this rotting world  and its stench, it is a must  that we spiritually migrate.  


In view of the evil others commit; to try not to do what they do and not become like them, but instead, to wish to be a pure and good person. . . is this not a migration from evil?





(AKIN ÖRSMEN 12.3.2008



*The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994