After being expelled from Heaven, Adam was sent to the Sinai peninsula and his wife, Eve , to somewhere in India. They then searched for one another a considerable period.


Then, God was merciful to  Adam ─ for his penitence and sorrow ─  and brought him and his wife together, some place close to Kaaba  (Mecca).


Letís fancy that  Adam had had a cellular phone and he could have listened to Eveís voice.


You think this  is nonsensical  donít you? If we could go back to that time and  could have told Adam the availability of a cellular phone, he would have thought it very strange and nonsensical. Whereas the technology which operates a cellular actually, was present during Adam's time. How and where? Naturally, in God's knowledge.


Knowledge is the set of rules God has determined to create and rule the universe.  If we assimilate Godís knowledge to an ocean, we people are only swimming in its shores. Gravity was not invented by Newton, it was only discovered. The upward force exerted by water existed before Archimedes.


Do you not see God has harnessed all that is in the earth to your service? And the boats ply in the ocean by His command. He holds the sky in position lest it should fall upon the earth save by His dispensation. Verily God is compassionate and kind to men. VERSE 65, THE PILGRIMAGE (AL-HAJJ), SURA22


In the Middle Ages, millions of people were annihilated as a result of the plague, leprosy  anthrax and other such diseases. Nowadays, these diseases are no longer fatal. The reason being that medication has been produced to cope with them.  The knowledge and technology inherent in   antibiotics ─ medication ─ was present in the Middle Age, too.  But people were  not aware of it. Because they were so preoccupied with annihilating  one another that they were not aware of what was really destroying them.


During the first and second Iraq Wars the expenditure the United States of America has made, exceeds the foreign debt of Turkey. Why? Because as humans, instead of letting live, we prioritize in  annihilation..  After the decomposition of the atom, the atomic bomb what the first thing man made. Whereas, nuclear fusion energy could have been used for beneficial purposes. Today nuclear medical science is extremely  helpful in the treatment of cancer.


If, since the beginning of humanity, knowledge had been used to learn and produce beneficial things instead of to annihilate, we might be looking at cellular phone technology as that  inherited from Adam. 


Who knows, maybe we would have disposed of the star war project and instead be traveling in  outer space. If we had found a more economical and cleaner source of energy, we would not have been affected by skyrocketing oil prices and our planet would have been cleaner.


Nowadays,  scientists  are not accepting towards what is called alternative medicine (healing). Whereas, the raw material of most medication originates from natural plants. Therefore, it is not very rational to reject a technology on the basis that it is not scientific.


Do not forget, if God wished it to be so, Adam would have had a cellular phone. Because the technology was already comprised in Godís knowledge.


All right, why is Godís knowledge not given to humans in abundance? Why were antibiotics not available in the Middle Ages and millions of people were annihilated?


There is no calamity that befalls the earth or your own selves but in accordance with the law of (causation) before we make it evident. This is indeed how the law of God works inevitably.



Actually, antibiotics were available then and it was hidden in nature so that humans could use their intellect and discover it. But humans were so preoccupied with annihilation that they did not think of discovering it. Too bad, that even in the twenty first century, in this  modern world,  they still  cannot think of doing so.




(AKIN ÷RSMEN 11.30.2008



*The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Aliís translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994