Absentmindedness, may be  a companion to all of us in later ages. The capacity to not  easily forget phone numbers, birthday anniversaries and the like during our youth, may be replaced by the inability to remember names and even faces in later years.  To the extent that we may not even recall whether we had breakfast in the morning or took our medication.


Alzheimerís disease is frequently seen in people in later years. Here, I want to talk about absentmindedness in early years. Because this is the absentmindedness that is really important and affects us after life:


To forget the Creator. . .


So now suffer. As you forgot the meeting of this your Day of  Doom,  So have We forgotten you. Now taste the everlasting punishment for your deeds. VERSE 14, AS- SAJDAH, SURA 32


Since our perspective of life in our early years is only to take pleasure in life, we, during those years, only like to remember the pleasurable aspects of life. Because it is too early to recall an unpleasant event such as death. However, time passes by quickly, like running water.


During those years we never forget the phone number or birthday anniversary of our sweethearts. When we are thinking of  earning a living we do not think of the real meaning of life. Or rather wish no to. Because the responsibilities life  bears upon our shoulders are heavier than those we have toward  God.


Generally, as peopleís responsibilities lessen in later years, they become conscious of more important ones. Maybe, as the distance between life and death decreases, the significance of our life increases.


Although in early years we used to recall the birthday anniversary of our sweetheart or the things he or she liked, for some reason, we do not recall  what our real sweetheart ─ our Creator, the one who is so understanding toward us ─ likes. 


It is interesting  that  in later years we may forget to pull up our zipper, yet,  we tend to remember the things we forgot  when we were young. This is due to the fact that we either  miss our real sweetheart more, or  the  fear of after death that awaits us. Who knows?


If only we could replace our absentmindedness in our early years with that of later years. If only we could forget our sweetheartís birthday in early years and recall the wishes of our real sweetheart.





(AKIN ÷RSMEN 11.30.2008)



*The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Aliís translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994