As you are on your way to  work or school, just take a look at the people around you.

What do you see?  Are people sulking, depressed, aggravated and discontentment? With the least excuse they are almost ready to fight. . .


Yes, in the society we live, people are depressed and unhappy. . .

What makes them so stressed? Living conditions, economic strife, family issues and most importantly, insatiability. . .


When a person has everything he wants he still is not content . .he wants more. . . Because there is always something more he wants. . .if you own a home now, then  you would want a summer home. .. without even thinking of the homeless. . .as your car becomes one year older you want to change it with a newer model. . .without being thankful  that  you own an automobile. . .


This insatiability leads us to crisis. . . especially, children from affluent families. .  this is what makes them  malicious and discontentment Their families have provided every kind of facility but without the love they need.


As people, we seek content  in material things. The more wealthy we are, the more content  we will become, we think. Whereas content is within us. . .we never think of searching it there. Sometimes it is a smile or somebody’s asking how we are or showing interest and love . . . that is what provides content. . .


No doubt living conditions are difficult. .  as it is to earn a living and make ends meet at the end of the month. .  but, actually, this is no more than an alibi we take refuge in. The actual reason for our discontentment  is our fears. It is our fears that distance us from understanding, charity. . .and they are nothing else than  the influence of Satan.


and say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the evil promptings of the devils.

I seek refuge in You lest they come to me.”    VERSES 97-98, THE TRUE BELIEVERS (AL-MUMINUN) SURA 23


We all come across with such questions as: “ How are going to make a living with the high cost of living"? The very thought keeps us back from helping others who are in a worse situation. . because if we help such a person, we think that we will become destitute. . and this kind of thinking coils like a serpent in our heart. Because, the Devil leads us to think like this wishing to bar us from doing charity.


Satan threatens you with want, and orders you (to commit) shameful acts. But God promises His pardon and grace.  For God is bounteous and all knowing. VERSE 268, THE HEIFER BAQARA) SURA 2


Whereas, one of the principles of Islam is charity.


Just think. . when we take a trip we are all afraid of experimenting an accident and being killed or incapacitated. . .this is always a possibility. .  yet most often we do not think of it. Whereas the Devil by making us think like this, would want us to be annoyed and in crisis.


Because a person in crisis whether voluntarily or involuntarily is aggressive to those around him. This is what the Devil aims for. . our humiliating one another makes him content.


Saving a word that is kind, and forgiving is better than charity that hurts. (Do not forget that) God is affluent and kind.



Whereas, one of the principles of Islam is understanding.


The disorder of our times is stress and panic attacks. Panic attacks  observed one in every ten people, according to the statistics,  are nothing more than  psychological stress which is produced by  disregarded  fears  stirred up by the Devil.


". . . and  mislead them and tempt them and tempt them, and order them to slit the ears of animals; and order them to alter God’s creation. VERSE 119 WOMEN (EN-NISA) SURA 4 119)


All right, so then what are we supposed to do under the circumstances.


If the Devil incites you to do evil, seek refuge in God. He is all hearing and all knowing. VERSE 36, ADORATION (HA MEM AS-SAJDAH) SURE 41


God is the symbol of love and content. When you meditate on Him you cannot think of evil. .. when you meditate on Him your fears will disappear. . .when you meditate on Him you feel happier.


Some people blame their problems and distance themselves from God. And some people, benefiting from their problems and approach God.


Wishing you peaceful and days of content. . .





(AKIN ÖRSMEN ( 4.14.2005)




*The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994.