There is a filtering mechanism in everyone’s brain.


And just what does this mechanism do?


It enables a person to differentiate between right and wrong.


For instance when you have parked at the side of the road and someone comes and rear bumps you. You have no fault at all. You become aggravated don’t you? But no matter how aggravated you become you don’t get out of your automobile and try to murder the other person.


When you are shopping at the mall you don’t try to shop lift an item just because you like it but cannot  afford to buy it.


This mechanism  enables people to control the way they  behave at any moment and differentiate between right and wrong. In our daily life it continually directs us, and leads us to do what is right and prevents us from committed mistakes under the influence of our emotions.


This mechanism is in the process of developing when we are children. This is why children do not quite understand the concept of shame. Having you ever seen a man skipping in the middle of the street? Or have you ever seen a woman dramatically crying outside her home just  because she is angry at someone?  But, no doubt you have seen many children who fit these descriptions.


Still, there are certain people who in society act as they please without any remorse and who use any kind of speech. Such people are called blunt. Such people, compared to others, are very relaxed in a society to which  they have for the first time been introduced and are not introverted.  They easily establish relationships.


There are times that this mechanism does not function. Then no one can hold you responsible for what you have done or said. This is insanity. You do whatever you feel whenever  you feel it, and oblivious of the consequences.


It is this mechanism that prevents us humans from doing everything we feel like doing. This mechanism develops as we mature and prevents us from doing whatever we think of. It controls our behavior.


Actually, this falls in the field of behaviorism,  a major division in  psychology. Behaviorism also comprises individual morals and  aggregate  individual morals make up  social morals.


When this filtering mechanism in people is generally disrupted, social morals collapse.  Adultery, prostitution. homosexuality, theft, homocide increase and society disintegrates.


One reason for social morals to deteriorate are economic crises. Just like the artificial crisis in Russia which the Unites States organized. This is a reason for social morals to collapse. Because a starving person steals, commits prostitution and even murder. Such an artificial economic crisis was created after the Bolshevik Revolution and people were killed like insects. This is the situation when social morals deteriorate as a result of economic crises. Even if  society can differentiate between right and wrong it is  oblivious of this and acts as it  pleases. As a result  society deteriorates.


Then there is an internal reason. That is, it originates from within  a person. It happens due to a malfunction of the filtering mechanism. First it affects individuals and then spreads to the entire society.


This internal reason is faithlessness.


The best example is  Lot’s people, referred to  in several verses of the Blessed Coran.


The people of Lot had reached a climax in depravity. Because they had no faith to make them upright.  All sorts of prostitution, fornication, incest and homosexuality was acceptable in this society. Those who did not do likewise were considered abnormal.


We also (sent)  Lot:. He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you”?

“For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: “A people transgressing beyond bounds.”

And his people gave no answer but this: They said: “ Drive them out of your city:” “These are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” a'raf sura 80-81-82


The people of Lot are now forgotten in our  time, but what they did  resembles what our society does today.


In these days of the beginning of the twenty first century man has achieved developments in science and technology albeit regressing in personality and moral values. Illegal behavior in societies of the past has become legalized today.


Theft, while considered as a crime in lower echelons of society, is seen as natural in elevated echelons , to the extent that such people are  assigned to influential positions in society.  Bank racketeers freely go abroad and pursue comfortable lives with the proceeds they have racketeered.


Such baby killers as Apo (Abudllah Ocalan) are enjoying a treat on an island. For the sake of human rights he is being nourished by the state. And whatever they have committed stays without punishment. Because the Court of Human Rights was not formed to protect the rights of the persons Apo has murdered.


Homosexuality rights have been approved. Prostitution has been legalized. Fornication has been legalized under the name of living together.


Nor come nigh to adultery. For it is shameful (deed), and an evil opening the road (to other evils), Verse 32, The Children of Israel (Bani Isra-il), Sura 17


Behavior described as evil by God Almighty has become legalized today. Because they have received high favor.


In short corruption has been reversed.


In these circumstances we can ask this question:


If such behavior is approvable today, then were Lot and his people, and others similar to them,  destroyed for nothing?


If modernization regresses us to the past, then throughout  history, for the sake of civilization, we have stridden a long road in abeyance.







(Akýn Örsmen 27.5.2005)




* * The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain