That morning he got up earlier than usual. He slowly walked out of his home. His surroundings were lit up with a bright light. He raised his head and looked up. There was no source of light that  could be seen. There was no sun there. Yet everywhere was as bright as  could be.


He thought a new millennium was beginning. This was his seventh day in Heaven. That is, in terms of world time, he had been in heaven for seven thousand years. He had not yet kept in step with the time and life in Heaven. He reminisced his days on Earth, the people he had met, the incidents he had experienced and compared them. He was bewildered in this new medium. There was no air pollution as on Earth. Nor was there a traffic issue. Because no one needed a vehicle for transportation. Whenever one wanted to travel in Heaven, just too think of the location was all one had to do.. Sometimes he preferred to travel by flying.  There was no high cost of living or inflation. Anything desired was immediately accessible without having to pay a price for it. Because the price had already been prepaid  to access Heaven and all  it comprised.


There was no heating problem. Because there were no seasons. The weather was always the desire temperature. Therefore, there were no issues such natural gas bills nor gas price hikes. He reminisced the day while on Earth when he had to get a loan from a friend to pay his natural gas bill after a raise in  prices. He involuntarily smiled.


There were no sulking people ready to explode. Everybody  had a smiling face and were greeting one another. No one was thinking: “ Why did this person greet me?  Does he have any interest in doing so”?  Because there was no such thing as interest. Everybody could attain whatever and whenever  desired.  Just to think of it was enough.


He, slowly, walked. Where the horizon integrated with the mountains was a reddish blue color. He thought of how he would  ecstatically watch sunsets while on Earth. Whereas now there was no sun. But there was  an unknown source of light  the latter also providing provided heat.


Before him was a field of red roses extending to lengths of one’s ability to see. It was like a sea with no boundaries.  Immediately to his right was a tree whose species he had never seen on Earth. Its branches were loaded with a strange yellow fruit. He had eaten one a thousand years ago, that is yesterday. Not because he was hungry but just try the flavor. Because there was no such thing as hunger. People did not hunger or thirst there. There was no such issue of starvation, as on Earth. People ate and drank just to try the flavor. And the fruit was very delicious.  “ If this tree were on Earth,” he thought, “people would sell its fruit to one another at a high price to become wealthy,” and he  went on, “ and they would even kill one another for such a tree.” People who mercilessly kill one another for a piece of land, now had  all  become a span's length of soil.


He remembered a dream he had while on Earth. It was a dreadful dream but for whatever reason he was not frightened. He had seen a tall casket made of tall wood. It was almost the height of a person. Through where  boards connected   light was seeping . With curiosity he approached and peeped through the space and saw a woman reading a book. The woman was most concentrated in her reading.  There was no candle nor any other source of light, yet it was as bright as it could be. . Suddenly, as if having noticed him peeping inside, she raised her head and smiled. Her face was glowing. As if it were transparent. The woman had gracefully smiled at him and she was beautiful. Involuntarily he smiled back at her. How could he have known that the woman was the angel of death and that the casket was his own.


He plucked one of the fruits from the tree and took a bite. His mouth was filled  with  a delightful flavor. There were not too may people around.  It was quiet and calm. Since Heaven is a comprehensive area, there is no overcrowding. Whereas on Earth since people are distributed among certain regions and cities and create  an unbecoming spectacle  of overcrowding.  Having to live in specific places on Earth increases necessities as well as prices. Whereas, Heaven is not like Earth, every location  is livable 


Further ahead two angels were sitting under a tree and praying. They spent almost all of their time worshiping. Here there was no south. (direction of Mecca). Every place was south (direction of Mecca).


He slowly walked. A bird was perching  quite extraordinarily on top of the tree. The song almost echoed all around and was like the mewing of a cat.


He came under the tree where the angels were praying. They were so concentrated that they did not even notice he had come. Peace be to you he said. They were so obsessed in their business that they only responded with a nod of the head. The man knelt beside them and began to pray along with them. The angels were arm in  arm and praying in a language he had never heard while on Earth. He could not understand what they were saying. He did not have to understand either. It was not important how, but what  was said. 


Then the angels finished their worship and saluted one another. The man finished his worship by saluting the angel  on his right and left.


“Dear, the bell is ringing. . . Don’t you hear it?”


As if awakening from a dream world  with a startle, he turned and looked toward  the direction  the voice had come. His wife was standing in the doorway  of the room.


“I’m sorry dear, I thought your prayers were over. I'll tend to the door, " she said.


The man slowly got up from where he had been sitting. With disillusionment he picked up his prayer rug from the floor. He became unhappy like a child whose toy had been taken away from him.


“ Again a new day. . .and the same issues. . I wonder how many more days in this world?” he thought to himself.  Then, he suddenly remembered that it was the last day for him to pay the natural gas bill. He immediately became demoralized. He started to think how he would manage until the end of the month with the salary he earned. Yes, a new day on Earth was beginning. With Earth time, one day.


From time to  time we all feel a need to escape from the depressing issues we experience.. Economic, employment, and traffic issues and the like  can make life unbearable. We want to escape but we cannot. As a yoke around our necks, we live together with these issues. Whether we like it or not we do not let go of the yoke.


There are superficial people in our life whom we detest even to see. And we have to live a superficial life with a superficial attitude among these superficial people. Whether we like it or not.


Many of us, as we go to work, would like to escape to an isolated island where no one lives.. But we cannot. Because our responsibilities are like fetters attached to our legs.


Sometimes even a cat in our home will not let us escape from the monotonous and depressing conditions of  this life. And we try to find happiness with a moment of dream world within the detestable rat race we live in. Because no one can bind fetters to our dreams.



Everyone dreams of a Heaven. We all dream of a world of peace and love. Within the merciless struggle of life,  to halt for a moment and to dissolve in a dream, is a means of escape for all who are fatigued by living in  this world.


To fancy a world where relations between people are not interest based, but, instead are sustained by love and understanding, is to fancy Heaven.


For those who wish to understand, one line suffices to describe Heaven. Conversely  for those who do not wish to understand, what value  and use  have numerous pages of a description of Heaven?





(AKIN ÖRSMEN 13.11.2008)