No doubt you have gone to a restaurant. After you have eaten the lovely and delicious meals do you know what would happen if you left without paying the check?


Let me tell you: You will either wash the dishes. .  Or get  A beating from the restaurant owner. . .


Now, if I told you that I knew a very clean and economical restaurant. .

A restaurant where there was an abundance of a large variety of almost every kind  of food. .  .


Vegetables, fruit, veil, chicken, fish. . . There was  everything you like. . good quality service. . all you would have to do is look at the menu and order. . and also most  cost effective, too. .

And instead of paying the bill all you would have to do is thank the restaurant owner. .


Would you not say: Tell me where this restaurant is! Is it on the Bosphorus?

No. . . It is very close to you. . .Matter of fact, you are already there. . .

The name of the restaurant? The World Restaurant. . .


O believers, Eat what is good of the food we have given you, and be grateful to God, if indeed you are obedient to Him. VERSE 172, THE HEIFER BAQARA) SURA 2


Yes, eat what you crave for. . .just don’t forget to thank the owner of the restaurant. .  If you leave the restaurant without paying the bill. . you  may have to pay a much higher invoice. . .




(AKIN ÖRSMEN 7.7..2005)

Showing the Way



* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, Ahmed Ali, Fifth printing with revisions, 1994 Princeton University Press.