Man is the most unique and perfect  species of all creatures living on Earth.


 Just what is man?


 Man consists of two integral parts.


 Substance and essence.


 The substance part is divided into four main groups;


Flesh, nerves, bones and blood. .  These constitute 80 % of the human body. Because life started with a drop o water.


 Read in  the name of your Lord who created,   VERSES 1-2,THE EMBRYO (AL- ALAQ ) SURA 96


Man’s important part is his  essence part, that is, his spirit. Because, that is what make us what we are. Our body is the apparel of our spirit.


Our spirit comprises five groups.


Intellect, logic (common sense), body, conscience and senses.


Our senses help create  the exam questions we have to respond to during life. For instance, our temper persuades us  to incur damage to others. If we, with our intellect and logic,  perceive this would be wrong behavior and heed to the voice of our conscience, we would find the correct answer. If we listen to the voice of our body, our response would be wrong.


If we put aside our intellect and logic and act by our senses, we would be submitting ourselves to the management  of our senses. Whereas,  our senses have been given to us to be managed by us.


 What really inflicts  a loss on us is to exceed in our senses.  Excess anger, may lead us to inflict  a loss to others as well as to ourselves. Excess love may cause us not to see our loved ones' shortcomings and to not admonish them.


As the prophet had said,  “Do not exceed in  love or anger.”

What is interesting is the coordination and harmony between body and spirit, the infrastructure that makes man. Our senses communicate with our body through hormones.


Conversely, our senses make us feel need for the intermediary of our hormones. This is why the level of our adrenaline and the beating of our hearts increases when  we anger.


What develops the body is not what we eat but rather what we digest. What develops the spirit is not what we read but rather what we learn and the  good works we do. The enlargement of our body, that is, our gaining wait weakens us. Whereas, the growing of our spirit only strengthens us.




 AKIN ÖRSMEN 8.30.2008)


Showing the Way


* The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994.