When you want to purchase an automobile or home, it is not enough  to just imagine it. You must pay the price.


While living on the Earth, we can only acquire certain things  we need by paying for them.


But it is not enough to own something. What’s important is to appreciate what you own. Unfortunately, we humans do not appreciate the things we own.


As we cruise along in our cars we don't think of what a blessing it is to have a car while others are at the bus-stop waiting for the bus in the rain.


As we sit back at home watching the T.V. and drinking our tea, we do not know or want to know the people who are trying to safeguard themselves from the cold by covering themselves with newspapers as they lie on a bank in the park. It discomforts us to think of people  who are deprived of comfort. Whereas, we always wish to be comfortable  in our daily lives.


As we sit at the table for dinner and take a bite, we lose our appetites if we think of the people who cannot even eat that bite or who can but for health problems cannot eat  it.  

We think that everybody lives a life like our own and to think so relieves us of the burden our conscience’s download on us.


Only after we lose our possessions do we understand what people feel who do not possess what we do.


We do not realize how precious our mothers and fathers are when they are living as we offend them.  Nor do we know the value of our bodies and misuse them. Only do we realize their importance when illness knocks on the door.


The price we have to pay for our possessions when we lose them is much more than that what we paid to acquire them.


Acknowledge the value of your possessions and thank the Lord by whom they were given.


Each  gratitude is a step taken for you to acknowledge their value.


Say: “It is He who raise you.. and gave you  ears and eyes and hearts. How little are the thanks you offer!" Verse 23, THE KINGDOM (AL – MULK )) Sura 67





(AKIN ÖRSMEN 8.30.2008)

Showing the Way



* The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Ali’s translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994.