Literally, the normalcy  is defined as what constitutes the ďmajorityĒ.


For instance, if the majority of mankind had six fingers, the six fingered persons would be attributed as normal and the latter as anomalous.


Who created  you, then formed your symmetry, then gave you right proportion,  Verse 7, The Splitting (Infitar)  Sureh: 82


Everything in the universe has been proportioned by God Almighty and shaped in the most perfect way A person 2 meters tall, from the perspective of the dynamics of his body shape may encounter mobility and walking issues and such a person may have  a hard life and sometimes  a shorter one. The reason being that his skeleton infrastructure cannot endure such weight.  Conversely,  a person whose height is less than one meter may encounter balance and mobility issues since his height is under ideal proportions.


This fact can be exemplified in all aspects of life.


In nature temperatures above or under that which is normal for the season, is disturbing and even threatening for living creatures.


No one can live without breathing and consuming water and food. , The insufficiency of oxygen in the air bars us from inhaling and can lead to death. Likewise, excess of oxygen  can lead to a coma and death. The amount of oxygen in the air should be at a normal level so that we may  comfortably breathe. And God has arranged that the proportion of oxygen in the air is at an ideal level for this end..


80% of the human body consists of water. The water loss in daily  life, in some way must be restored. Or else we would lose our lives due to lack of water. Likewise, the excess of water can lead to  death  by drowning.


Should we not follow a balanced diet,  excess weight may be a life hazard.


Sexuality is necessary in the life of a normal person. Excluding  sexuality from life is not normal behavior. For this reason, God has recognized the  right to persons to  wed, form a family and reproduce. But if sexuality is not legal  or perverted, it is a deviation from  normalcy and an orientation  to anomaly ─  nothing else but lust.


To consider homosexuality as a sexual preference is to negate the proportions and guidelines  God has set forth and to rebel against Him.


God has created and proportioned each of our organs for a specific purpose.


Can you drink water with your nose?

Can you eat with your ear?


This is why the limitations He has set forth are the most normal proportions.


These are the limits set by God, and those who follow the commandments of God and the Prophet, will indeed be admitted to gardens with streams of water running by, where they will for ever abide, and this is success supreme. VERSE 13, THE WOMEN (NISAA) SURA  4


This concept of normalcy for structures of substance likewise, has set forth  limitations  for  psychological and spiritual structures.


For instance, there are persons who become aggravated  very quickly. They are of a nervous nature. They display anomalous behaviour. Whereas, some persons can respond to issues without reaction or with serenity.


From another perspective, normalcy can be defined as the things we are accustomed to always encountering.


The planets for centuries have been revolving  in the same orbit and at the same speed so that the slightest change in their orbit and speed would be beyond what  we are accustomed to and therefore would be defined as anomalous.  These changes can lead to serious issues in the way the system operates.


The sunís rising every morning from the east  is considered normal since it is a fact we are accustomed to see. We never once think that the sun will rise from the west.


Whereas, the fact that an incident has occurred a certain way up to now, does not mean it will infinitely continue to do so. Conversely,, the fact that something has never occurred up to now, does not mean it never will. The Ausgust 17th, 2000 earthquake  is an example of this. A quake in the magnitude of Richter 7.4 in Istanbul was an unprecedented incident. But it happened.


We have interpreted the concept of normalcy as that to which we are accustomed.  However, this definition does not reflect the entire meaning of the concept.


That is to say, the progressive increase in peopleís  deviation from moral behavior in a society, will pervert   that society from normalcy and  orient it to anomaly. The proliferation of theft and  fornication is an indication that a society has deviated from normalcy and is progressively orienting to anomaly. The spreading of homosexuality and the increase in  theft and immorality in societies of the past, and the things previously not considered as normal to  receive  general approval, are an indication of anomaly in that society. The fact that 80% of a society are crooks, even if they constitute a majority, cannot be considered as normalcy. .


Therefore, the concept of normalcy must be understood as the proportions determined by God Almighty.


We have indeed created all things by measure; VERSE 49, THE MOON (AL-QAMAR), SURA 54


Everything and every measurement determined by God are normal, that is, they are what is acceptable and those that do not comply are an anomaly. 


Donít be mislead with the your visual evaluation.

When you look at your surroundings and sense an anomaly in people's behavior, evaluate  according to the measurements of God. Because the things to which  you are accustomed or those that  meet general approval may be misleading.


May God be your beloved and your companion.



(AKIN ÷RSMEN 8.28.2006)


* The Quranic verses are taken from Ahmed Aliís translation,Al-Quran Princeteon University Press, fifth printing 1994.