There used to be a survey question during your childhood days: “What are the three things you would take along with you if you were an isolated island?”

 The response would generally be: " My sweetheart, books and suitcase."

Suppose you are going to a location where essence prevailed instead of substance. . and you did not know what and whom you would encounter and how you would be treated. . and you are afraid… terribly afraid. . .

 What would be the three things  you would like to take with you? Your sweetheart?

 No, she would not like to go there with you. Or your money? No. Money does not circulate  over there.

 There are only three things you can take with you when you go there: your good works, sins and faith. . .

If you don’t have your faith to take with you, that means you are all alone with  your works and sins. No one can help you there save God. And there is no other destination than He.

 That  day a man  will say: “Where can I find escape?"   Never so for there will be no escape.!

 With your Lord alone will be retreat on that day. Verses ( 10-12), THE RESURRECTION (EL  QIYAMAH) SURA 75

 If your works suitcase is loaded and your faith is strong do not fear. . .but if your sins suitcase is heavy and you have forgotten to take your faith with you, then you are face to face with a problem.

May God be your beloved and your companion.

(AKIN ÖRSMEN 8.15.2008)



The Quran translation has been taken from Al- Quran, Ahmed Ali, Princeton Universtiy Press, New Jersey