You all know what a puzzle is. A characteristic of a puzzle is that all the pieces need each other. Another one of its characteristics is that a piece has no meaning by itself.


Our bodies are a picture comprising the small pieces of a puzzle. Our cells have no significance by themselves and  the livelihood  of every cell   life is dependent on the cell next to it.


Cells, like the pieces of a puzzle, come together to form our organs. Likewise, our organs need one another, too. All of our organs need the heart and lungs so that blood may be pumped and circulated\ and oxygen may be  absorbed and transferred.  In short, no organ works alone, but to the contrary, they all work together in harmony. Thus, they present an assembled  puzzle.


Actually, we, too, are the pieces of the universe universe. With our parents, spouses and children we make up pieces of the family puzzle. Likewise, the family is a piece of the community puzzle. And, coming together they make up larger communities and our life.


The universe puzzle does not consist of only people. To live, we must have soil, air, water, plants and animals. Without soil we cannot have plants and without plants we cannot have animals. Without air and water none of these would exist. And, this picture, progressively, develops and enlarges.


The planet of Earth is in harmony with the other planets. Without the sun we would not have the solar system puzzle. And within this system,  to sustain our existence, we need  the phenomenon of  space comprising billions of pieces. In short, the whole universe is a great puzzle. 

All right, have you ever seen a puzzle whose pieces come together by themselves? Of  course you have not. . . and never will. . .


It is God Almighty who creates this puzzle consisting of pieces compatible with one another. And every piece needs Him to subsist.


When viewing life if you want to see a beautiful picture, you have to look from a distance and see it as a  whole. Because as a whole, life does not only consist of the small and sad pieces you think you have. The pieces by themselves have no significance. They only have a meaning when they make up a whole. If you only look at the small pieces and not at the whole picture, then life means sadness and unhappiness to you.


Think in depth and more  comprehensively. . .The meaning of life is hidden in your perspective of life.





(AKIN ÍRSMEN 6.4.2006)