Accountability  begins at elementary school. Being accountable  to our teachers. Our lessons. . Accountability  continues through  education. Then comes military service: Accountability continues. Then finding a job. Accountability continues at the work place. Then comes marriage which is another  accountability. . . Then come the offspring. .  another accountability . . . They grow up and are married off. Another accountability.. .  All through our life these accountabilities conjoin with  us.  This is the aspect of life which we see and assess. . .


Know that the life of this world is only a frolic and mummery, an ornamentation, boasting and bragging among yourselves, and lust for multiplying wealth and children. It is like rain so pleasing to the cultivator for his vegetation which sprouts and swells, and then begins to wither, and you see it turn to yellow and reduced to chaff. There is severe punishment in the Hereafter, but also forgiveness from God, and acceptance. As for the life of this world, it is no more that merchandise of vanity. VERSE 20, IRON (HADID) SURA 57.


The fact of the matter, is that we have a very important accountability  of which we are unaware. Of those who are aware, some do not care. I have nothing to say against those who earnestly feel this accountability , our accountability  to God. .


For whatever reason, we do not   impart  the same significance to this accountability as we do to our accountability to our families, education, work place, spouse and children. 


Whether Muslim, Christian, Judaist or believer in another god, everyone is accountable to God our creator. Whether aware or not. . Because everyone, whether a believer or not, is accountable to Him.


All right, when do we remember Him? To tell the truth it is when we need him.


When we take an exam.. . When we are face to face with poverty or illness.. . Or when we age and death is around the corner. . .


Many people say “I’ll start to say my prayers when I become old and  I have lots of time,” As if old age were guaranteed. Whereas let alone  an hour,  even a second later is an  unknown. .


Some Muslims are just registerec Muslims in their birth certificates. Some remember they are Muslims on the Ramadan and Sacrifice holidays.  And some, unfortunately, don’t even remember these holidays.. . .Way until they come face to face with disaster. . . 


When We give them a taste  of our benevolence they start rejoicing in it.  When misfortune befalls them as a result of what they have done themselves, they begin to despair. VERSE 36, THE ROMANS (ER-RUM) SURA 30


We say “ We are fine, thank you,” to those who ask us how we are.  Unfortunately, we little remember God and thank him for all the blessings He gives us and who lets us breathe. .


Some people think that they have been treated unjustly when they look at the prosperity and positions of others. This is because Satan wants them to think that way and blaspheme  against God..


Do not marvel at their wealth and children. God intends to punish them through these in the world; and their souls will depart in a state of disbelief. 



Are these prosperous and respected persons happy? Can they eat whatever they want  and  take a deep healthy breath?


Cover your mouth and nose and see how long you can hold your breath.  See, there are so many reasons to thank Him. 



Accursed is man. How ungrateful is he!

He Made a Wry Face,   VERSE 17,(ABASA) SURA 80


This is a verse of the Cor’an which affects me greatly. The most gracious and almighty God is grieved by the ingratitude of humans. I have diligently dwelled on this verse.

What would you think about a person who held back a “thank you” despite all the benevolence you had done for him? How would you react?

He wants to be remembered and thanked for all he has given us. Unfortunately we deprive Him of a “thank you.”


Don’t wait for property, prosperity and position to thank Him.

Nor wait for a disaster to do so.


And don’t forget we may not have too much time left to thank Him.


May God be your Beloved and your Companion.



(AKIN ÖRSMEN 2.12..2005)


* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, Ahmed Ali,Fifth Printing with Revisions 1994, Princeton University Press.