In elementary I had a classmate who would cry when he would get a failing grade.  More interesting was that he would cry when others would get a good grade. He was over ambitious. Not only could he not stand to be unsuccessful, he could not stand for others to succeed.  I encountered this friend many years later. He was an executive in a company. The next time I saw him he was undergoing treatment at the drug rehab center.  His expectations were not fulfilled since the owner of the company he worked for  appointed someone more successful  as CEO. This had depressed him and he had become an alcoholic. The reason for his rehab.  


Some people cannot accept failure. Then, there are people who cannot accept the success of others. They are even disturbed by what others have. This jealousy leads them to all kinds of evil and to even slander others. People who do not digest the position to which they are promoted, humiliate their subordinates. It drives them crazy for other managers to be liked.


One of the leaders most envied was Ataturk. His reconstructing the country’s, literally, impossible conditions, has been indigested by certain people and circles. Even other leaders who  paid tribute to him have envied his success.


Whereas the secret of his success was his winning the love – not the fear – of the people who believed him. He came silently but left gloriously. There are very few leaders, if any,  who have been lovingly and gratifyingly been remembered for such a long period.   Many leaders have been applauded by the people when they ruled  but cheered after their decease. Hitler was almost worshipped by his entourage when he was alive. Today,  he invokes  shame even in Germany. Saddam Huseyin, when alive, was paid tribute by his people because they feared him.  The people stamped on his fallen statue after he was deposed.


Greed can exalt one to a certain degree. But, over Greed is the end of man. You must know where to stop.


If you cannot digest  failure and are disturbed by the success of others, be careful. Greed is like a double edged  sword. As it is harmful to others, it may wound you, too.


Surely man is greedy by nature






(AKIN ÖRSMEN 3.12.2008)

Showing the Way



* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, Ahmed Ali, Princeton University of Press, Princeton, New Jersey, fifth printing with revisions, 1994