Way in old times there was a man preoccupied  with the meaning of life.  He was not satisfied with his own research and decided to resort to others. The answers they gave him were still unsatisfactory. There must be an answer he said to himself. And he decided to travel and ask everyone he encountered. He traveled every village, town and country. Naturally, time had not ceased  and just as he had lost hope the peasants in a village said to him:  Do you see those mountains yonder? Well, there is an old wise man who lives there. Why donít you go ask him. Maybe he can give you a satisfactory answer. After a challenging journey the man was able to reach the house where the old wise man lived. He entered the house and asked the wise man the meaning of life. The wise man said:  Iíll tell you the answer, But first you have to pass a test. Tthe man agreed. The wise man gay the man a teaspoonful  of olive oil. Then he told him go outdoors  and walk around the garden and come back. But be careful, he said. The olive oil should not be missing even a drop.. If it is then you will not pass the test.. . . The man, his eyes on the teaspoon walked around the garden and then came back indoors. The wise man checked the teaspoon and said: Yes, the olive oil has not lessened.  All right, he added  how was the garden?  The man was perplexed. But, I didnít look at anything but the teaspoon he answered. . . The wise man said: Now you are going outdoors again to  walk around the garden.. You are going to hold the teaspoonful of olive oil  in your hand but at the same time you are going to observe the garden. Then, the  man went outdoors  into the garden again. He was mersmerized with the beautiful things he saw since it t was such  a magnificent garden. The wise man asked him how the garden was when the man came back indoors.  The man said how he was mersmerized with its magnificence. . The wise man smiled: But there is not any olive oil left in the spoon. Life acquires meaning when you view it. You either only see a spot and your life goes by without even being aware of it. Or you live right in the middle of  all the beautiful things you can see, and the time that elapses cquires meaning.

The meaning of life is hidden in how you observe. .


Yes we all hold  a teaspoonful of olive oil. Most often this is our job. In order not to lose our job we overlook many things.


Sometimes this teaspoon is our belongings and property. Our obsession of belongings and property has blinded us to a degree that we see nothing else. Sometimes this teaspoon is our position and title. We have such delusions of grandeur that we do not see the rose garden we walk by.


But  all these teaspoons have something in common: our greed, arrogance, covetousness. . this is what blinds us and bars us from not keeping our eye on the teaspoon and not seeing the beautiful things  God has bestowed us.. . .


Whereas the actual meaning of life is that as indicated in the Holy Coran.


I have only created djinns and men, that they may serve Me.



When we are earning a living we do not think of the real meaning of life.




(AKIN ÷RSMEN 3.29.2006)

Showing the Way



* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Quíran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 Publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain