Adam was very disappointed when he was expelled from Heaven and sent to Earth. He wept for two hundred years at the mountain he was sent.


When I first read these lines I did not understand why Adam was so disappointed.


Many years elapsed from the time  I read these lines and I acknowledged what people are and saw what they do. I  befriended people or those whom I call friends. . . When I was forty three years old I perceived that what we call a coincidence or luck  is actually not so, but that everything takes place  by the grace of God Almighty.


That day, I understood that a friend had been guarding me way from the day I was born and that he forgave me when I erred. Despite my errors he loved me. . . Despite all my ingratitude he did not turn his back to me. I was mesmerized by this friend who protected and favored me.


Then I felt great shame. I was ashamed of the things I had done. . . I was ashamed of the things I had not  done, too.  Throughout the years he had always given to me. Whereas I had given him nothing.


I thought of  people: When someone is ungrateful, he is at once rejected and not forgiven.

Friendship is established for  interests and when there is no longer any interest they do not even recognize you.


No one ever gave me anything without reciprocity.

Even my own kin  did not speak with me when I would not do what they wanted.


Whereas, “He” My real friend. . . Never forsook me. . . He was even with me when I did not remember him. That’s why even when I did not do anything for Him, he was most gracious and loving. I adored Him. I  adored His beautiful behavior I did not find in people. . . My admiration then converted into yearning.


I have never seen Him. I haven’t even heard His voice. But I felt Him in my soul and in all the cells of my body. And I missed Him dearly.


I now understand why Adam was so disappointed.


He was once with his true friend. He spoke with Him.


Whereas I have not even heard His voice. But I can feel Him. And I yearn for Him. Like I miss a friend.


I now understand why Adam was so disappointed.





(AKIN ÖRSMEN 3.30.2005)




 * The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain