Ye of Faith! Say not( to the Apostle) words of ambiguous  import, but words of respect; and hearken (to him):To those e without Faith is a grievous punishment  VERSE 104, THE HEIFER (BAQARA) SURA 2


God has given us free will to decide and to elect  between good and evil. Whereas, humans have always confiscated others’  right to elect . 


Colonialism is one of the earliest practices in history to oppress others and compel them to live as we want them to.


A good example is the  United States’ aggressive action on Iraq.


In the feudalism of the Middle Ages, Lords who saw themselves above others set the rules for the lower classes and suppressed their rights.


With the development of maritime business and manufacture of large ships, such colonialists as England, Spain and Portugal  went overseas with  the pretext of expanding their faiths. They tried to teach the indigenous people of the places they went how they should  live.


The crusades, apparently  missionary ,work had two goals,: to access more land and to enslave the people where they went.


With the discovery of the New World, colonialism acquired new dimension. People were used as slaves  in regions other than where they originated and they were deprived of their rights - forced to live a life against their will.


What is bizarre is that some people became  subjects and slaves to their leaders.


The millions of followers of Hitler went to their death for dogmatically having believed him.


Richard the Lion Hearted misled people with religious fabrications and began the crusades. People, without knowing Richard’s ambition to acquire land and fame and thinking it the oracle of God, tried to retake Jerusalem.


It is a pity that people are becoming subjects to those who administer them.


Is it not to God that sincere devotion is due? But those who take for protectors others than God (say):” We  only serve them in order that they may bring us nearer to God.” Truly God will judge between them in that wherein they differ.  But God guides not such as are false and ungrateful.



Whereas, one is only a subject of God. A human is not a subject to another human.


Nay, but worship God, and be of those who give thanks.



May God be your beloved and your companion


(AKIN ÖRSMEN 2.15.2008)

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