How does God talk with humans? Do you know?

It is not fitting for a man that God should speak to him except by inspiration, or behind a veil, or by the sending of a Messenger to reveal with God’s permission what God wills: for he is Most High, Most Wise. VERSE 51,CONSULTATION (SHURA) SURA 42

God  Almighty speaks with humans  in different ways.

with inspirations sent through Gabriel, peace be unto him.

Or, as with Moses, behind a burning bush, that is, a veil. . .

Or, through prophets, messengers.

Additionally, he speaks with humans within themselves.  

Sometimes you wish something to happen with all your might and when it miraculously does happen, some say “Look how lucky I was. . .” and some say “I  should have wished something else from God.” . . .

These are the moments God has spoken and answered you.

Many are not aware of this or disregard it. They say it was just a matter of luck or coincidence.

Actually, there are two internal voices in a human.

It is the voice of your flesh, that is of Satan who presents what is evil as enchanting and alluring. . .

The other one is that which always recommends you  the good and the enchanting, the voice of God. That is, it is your conscience. . .

Thus, God speaks with you through your conscience.

And. . to some  humans he gives knowledge on a subject they knew nothing about. .

A human, absolutely, has no knowledge in a certain matter. . . but all at once he can speak a language he never knew . . There are samples of this in Turkey. Someone suddenly starts to read and speak Arabic. . There are samples of this abroad. . . There are samples of this abroad,  people suddenly start speaking Aramaic.

Similarly, God Almighty sends certain sciences called of the invisibility sciences  directly  to the hearts of humans.  And, that human all at once becomes knowledgeable in that science.

There are samples of this in history. God Almighty gave Solomon the knowledge to know the tongue of all creatures. And Prophet Solomon knew the languages of  all creatures and  spoke with them.

God Almighty  gave Prophet Joseph the knowledge of interpretation of dreams. and Joseph would interpret dreams.

Yes, the Prophet Mohammad was illiterate. . . Yet, he was revealed and inspired the most perfect book on earth that has ever been. . .

God empowers some humans in speaking and some in writing.

Man has gone to space and to the moon. Yet, unfortunately  he cannot go the shortest distances. . .

The distance between the brain and the heart. . .

In order to understand the science of emanation we have to know  the coordination between the human brain and heart..

May God be your beloved and your companion.



(AKIN ÖRSMEN 9.9..2005)


* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 Publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain