Have you ever thought of the underlying cause for revolutions?


Why do people rebel against those who govern them, rejecting their way of government, and make revolutions?


To answer this we have to examine two different kinds of behavior inherent in human nature:


The first one is arrogance. . . And, the second once egoism. . .


These two traits are kin to one another. . . That is, generally, they go together in people. . .


An arrogant person sees himself superior to others. . . And others  inferior  to himself. . . It is for this reason he or she treats others as crap. . . They even go to the extent as seeing themselves as essential and others as parasites and inessential.  It is for this reason they start to oppress them. The passion of self-esteem which many persons possess and is natural. . .  increases in time proportionately with one’s position (in some people) and ultimately transforms into arrogance. . .


As to egoistic persons, defending one’s rights is a trait inherent in one’s nature from birth. That is, everyone defends oneself. This is quite natural. . .In time, this can transform (as in some people)into egoism. Egoistic persons thinks only of their   own interests. . . Because they think  nothing else is important.  They are oblivious to the rights of others.  Thus, for their own interests, they covet anything others have and try to access it.


Now you are going to say: “What does all this have to do with revolutions?”


When we study the revolutions  experienced throughout history; the scenario is that arrogant and egoistic leaders have oppressed , exploited and humiliated other people leading to such an outcome.


The underlying reason for the children of Israel to rebel against the pharaoh, was his egoism and arrogance leading  him to declare himself god. Furthermore, he held the people whom he ruled,  under contempt and exploited them so that  the children of Israel to rebelled.


Let’s look at the Middle Ages. In Mid-Europe feudalism or people who declared themselves as  lords condescended to others and led to the formation of the house of lords and commons. . . They confiscated the grains of others and considered this their legal right. To the extent that they considered it their right to have the wedding night of others to themselves. This exploitative attitude quite extensive during the Middle Ages in England has left its footprints to this day.  England has taken this attitude to far away countries of which some have rejected such exploitation. . . insurrected and revolted.


Let’s Look at the French Revolution. . .the apparent reason for the revolution is the lords’ indulging in their palaces and looking the other way instead of at  people’s devastated state and misery.   But the actual reason is the arrogance and egoism of  those declaring themselves as lords and their condescending to the people - treating them like abomination.


Napoleon Bonapart, considered his intellect superior to that of others. . . His height was a factor that increased this complex. And, for an era in  history, he led his followers  to disaster.


Adolf Hitler, much more  than just  a personal opinion, alleged that certain races were superior and  introduced the Aryan concept. His acts were no more than an extreme manifestation of his arrogance and egoism. He led masses of people to death. . Another supporter of his ideas, Mussolini applied the same policy in Italy, and  was hanged by the people  to whom he condescended. 


As to the Bolshevik revolution. . . Again the same scenario. . . In  Czarist Russia, the czars were oblivious to the devastated state  and misery of the people while they lived in their palaces and indulged themselves to festivities, with  arrogance and egoism.  Paradoxically, ,  Lenin and his successor Stalin, the instigators of the Revolution who had defied  the Czarist regime, were even  worse than the Czars against whom they revolted. They, too were responsible for their people’s devastated state and misery.


Although the Jews suffered oppression for years, they did not learn from this and likewise were oppressive in Palestine. 


In other communist regimes such as China, Argentina and Spain. . . the situation is not any different. . .


People, under the influence of arrogance and egoism have seen themselves superior. . . others inessential and inferior . . .and have tried to exploit them. The reaction mostly has manifested in  revolutions. . .


This is the actual reason for revolutions. . .


The devil’s favorite sin. . . is “arrogance” and its brother is “egoism.”


“And swell not thy cheek (for pride) at men, nor walk in insolence through the Earth; For God loveth not any arrogant boaster.” Verse 18, The Wise (Luqman) Sura 31


May God protect us from both. . .




(AKIN ÖRSMEN 3.17.2005)


* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 Publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain