The objective of every living creature is to survive. It is for this reason that every baby intuitively clings to its motherís breast as soon as it is born.


Generally, with the exception of mankind, all living creatures have one objective: to survive and reproduce. Whereas, in humans the purpose of life is more comprehensive. And, other necessities in  addition to his basic necessities increase as he develops.


Necessities which begin as the  nourishment  of the baby increase as he develops  to comprise the necessities of education, employment, matrimony, housing, transportation (owning an automobile), ownership of summer premises, savings and investments  and it goes on. . .


In the beginning  savings are made to provide for a shroud but then transform to much more qualified and sophisticated dimensions. . .


Today there are certain instruments for people to most efficiently evaluate these savings.


Some people invest in the stock market wishing to further enlarge their  investment in a short period. Generally, the these people become devastated.  Some people invest in foreign currency, some people in gold. Some people, for security reasons,  invest in time deposits with banks, or in real estate. Some people invest in  supermarket chains which provide considerable employment,  or in the  tortilla business and the like. . . Actually, what they are thinking of is not contributing to employment to working people,  but to get the highest return on their money.


Consequently, man makes his investments during his life time in   temporal things. And, at the end of his life, he  leaves all his investments to his successors. And the heirs happily consume whatever remains. To the extent that they even say: Is this all  he left?


Most people are oblivious that life ends with death and that a new life awaits us thereafter.  Some of them do not even believe.


If we have not invested for the life which awaits us after death, what are we gong to spend in eternal life?


I have not been there, nor have I seen it. But I can assure you that foreign currency, stock shares do not circulate  over there. You can be sure  of that.


The investments you make for this world stay in this world. If you have not invested in this world for the other world, that means you are doomed to poverty in eternal life.


Sometimes to thank God Almighty, the provider of your life on Earth, your creator, procurer, and savior; is an investment for your life after death.


Sometimes a few kind words, a nice smile, or a heart you have won may be the currency you  will be the currency you will be spending in eternal life.


For God is with those who restrain themselves, and those who do good.



Wishing that you will make good investments both in this world and other one.





(AKIN ÷RSMEN 4.13.2007)



* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Quíran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 Publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain