You are mesmerized when you look up into the sky at night an see the bright and flickering stars. The moonlight arouses our romantic feelings. It  brings us enjoyment..  Whereas these celestial objects we observe with awe, actually constitute a great threat to our life on Earth.


And in heaven is your sustenance, as (also) that which ye are promised. VERSE 22,THE WINDS THAT SCATTER (ZARIYAT), SURA 51


The Milky Way Galaxy, which includes our world and our solar system, occupies a very small place in space. If we consider the Great Sahara as outer space, our Earth is like a grain of sand. In outer space there are numerous meteors and celestial objects that could annihilate our Earth. It is not a small possibility  that one of them may collide with our Earth.


NASA’s meteor observatory reports that a monthly  average of ten meteors  barely pass by Earth.


But for whatever reason these meteors almost never collide with Earth or disintegrate in the atmosphere. Is this not strange?


We have made the heavens as a canopy well guarded: Yet do they Turn away from the Signs which these things ( point to.)

Verse 32, The Prophets Sura 21


If we assimilate our Earth to an orange,  crust we step on is no more than the peeling of an orange.

Beneath are the molten metallic elements  contained in the core and outer mantle. The possibility of the molten metallic elements to penetrate the crust of the orange and surface to destroy mankind is a large possibility.  But for whatever reason such events do not occur very frequently. As if  some power is overlooking humanity.


When the Earth is shaken to her (utmost) and the Earth throws up her burdens (from within), And man cries  (distressed): ‘What is the matter with her?- VERSE 1-2-3, THE CONVULSION (ZILZAL), SURA 99


Three fourths of the Earth is water. And a large part of this water comprises the glaciers at the poles. It is a large possibility that as a result of  the explosions on the Sun and  global warming that these glaciers will thaw and be detrimental to mankind. 


You have risen up in the morning or you are on your way to school, what’s the possibility that your car will have an accident? Have you ever given that a thought?


Has it ever crossed your mind: What is the possibility of my having a heart attack?

Has anyone had a heart attack in your family? Have you investigated this?

Have you every thought of what the possibility is for an earthquake is to affect  your life?



And we have set on the Earth mountains standing firm, Verse 31, The Prophets Sura 21


In an environment where homicide is committed for just a hundred New Turkish Lira  are you aware to what risks your are vulnerable ?

So much so that what is the guarantee that you may not be the target of the bullets of a football hooligan  as your are sitting on your balcony?


Have you ever given this a thought?


Yes, you live on Earth as if you were connected to it with a strand of cotton.


Yet, sometimes this cotton strand is so strong that it is hard for it to snap  off. . .


Now who strengthens this cotton strand for you?


Have you ever given this a thought?


Strangely, as humans we generally think of what we are going to do in the morrow. . .


We do not think of whether we will have a tomorrow. . .


There is no guarantee that you will awake the following morning after tucking into your pillow.


And made your sleep for rest, VERSE 9,THE GREAT NEWS (NEBAA), SURA78


Thus, rather than thinking of what you are going to do tomorrow, we should thank the  power which maintains us to see today. . . and worship it so that it will enable us to see tomorrow. .


And for part of the night also praise thou Him,- and at the retreat of the stars! VERSE 49, THE MOUNT(TUR), SURA 52








(AKIN ÖRSMEN 9.18.2006)



* The Coranic verses have been taken from the Holy Qu’ran, A. Yusuf Ali, 1975 Publication, Pitman Press, Great Britain