There is saying: People come to an agreement by speaking,  and animals by scenting.  Human communication is established on speaking. This is the key rule in communicating our sentiments, emotions and thoughts to others.


If we were able to read one another’s minds and were beings communicating by telepathy what would have happened? Now, let’s give this a thought.


If this were the case then bearing lying ,  one of the most significant  of sins as defined by God Almighty, would not be committed. People would inevitably be compelled to tell the truth. No one could deceive anyone. Thus, to differentiate between those who tell the truth and those who don’t, God has created humans as beings who communicate by speaking.


Did you not see how God has made a sample: Well spoken words, resemble a tree whose roots are in the ground and whose branches are in the sky. Which yields, by the leave of its Lord, its fruits in all the seasons. God presents words of wisdom to men that they might reflect.  An evil act is like a rotten tree torn out of the earth with no (base or) firmness. With immutable words God makes the faithful dauntless in the life of the world and the life to come,  But leads the unjust into error,  for God does as He pleases.



Well, then why do people lie? People,  lie either to ensure a benefit, or to protect themselves and not take offense.


Lies told to ensure a benefit are twofold: either to obtain a materialist benefit or  position/ esteem.


Lies told to protect one’s self  are told to get out of an impasse and become exonerated or to discredit a rival.. The latter is also defamatory imputation.


Do not utter the lies your tongues make up: “This is lawful, and this is forbidden,” In order to impute lies to God: for they who impute lies to God will not find fulfillment.



All of us have somewhere and somehow in  our lives told a lie. For instance when you received a phone call from someone with whom you did not wish to speak, did you not leave a message that you were in a meeting or were unavailable? Maybe when you overslept one morning and you told your superior that the “traffic was congested.”


Generally, lies start n the smallest society – the family –and then extend to the administration of a country.


Some innocuous lies told within a family sometimes can lead to mistrust and even divorce between the spouses.

And the children who take the parents as an example  can form a habit of lying. And our children who are our posterity, can establish a future woven with lies.


The lies told by the administrators of a county can lead to the ruin of the country.


From the aspect of professional lying, the most suitable professionals appear to be attorneys at law and politicians. Naturally, with due respect, we condone honest attorneys and politicians.

An attorney, as the case may be, can defend a murderer and for this end lie. And a politician, for his interests may say words by which he cannot stand by and deceive the people with demagogy.


O believers, Why say ye that which ye do not?!  Grievously  odious is it in the sight of God that ye say that which   ye do not? VERSES 2 – 3 ASSAF, SURA 61


Little lies, big lies and even white lies told not to offend others in the end are included in the category of lying. To hide the truth is, as a matter of fact, half lying.


Whereas, the Prophet Muhammad was called dependable Muhammad because of his honesty and truthfulness. To the extent that even the idolaters  who did not like him and called him a liar knew that he would never lie.


Unfortunately, in the structure of our society truthful people are a minority.


Now you are going to ask me if I ever have lied during my life? No doubt I ,  too, have somehow  told lies in my life. But there are absolutely no lies in what I write.





(AKIN ÖRSMEN 6.16.2009)





(*)(*)The Quranic verses are taken from A. Yusuf Ali’s translation, The Holy Qur’an, The Islamic Foundation 1975.